A turquoise lake along a Western Canada Road trip

A Western Canada Road trip: Best way to see Canada

Thinking of a Western Canada road trip? Get ready to be blown away by the jaw-dropping landscapes, beautiful cosmopolitan cities, and cute mountain towns of Western Canada. There is something for everyone on this Ultimate 18 Day Western Canada Road Trip Route.

The Ultimate Western Canada Road Trip with stops in 7 Canadian National Parks.

Unveiling the Hidden Gems: Western Canada Road Trip Route

Psst! Canadians have been keeping a secret—Western Canada is home to some truly mind-blowing scenery. Trust me, when I say this Western Canadian road trip route will have you coming back for more! Mountains, rainforests, silky sand beaches, abundant wildlife, vibrant wildflowers, charming mountain towns, turquoise lakes that look like Gatorade, hot springs, and captivating history. No matter if you’re an adventure enthusiast seeking an adrenaline rush or simply looking to escape the daily grind, this stunning Western Canada road trip is one you will never forget!

Map of Ultimate Western Canada Road Trip Route

A map showing a Western Canada roadtrip route from Vancouver through the Canadian Rockies and back to Vancouver.

Access this map on google here

Start your Western Canada Road Trip by Flying Into Vancouver

Because Vancouver has a large international airport with multiple daily flights from many major centres, and is well served by ferry routes to Vancouver Island , highways and freeways throughout Canada and the US, this is the best bet to start your Canadian travels.

You might know that Canada is a big country geographically! It follows that if you are planning a road trip such as this, you will need a rental car. In order to include Pacific Rim National Park on this route, you will need to catch a ferry from Vancouver to Vancouver Island.

Ferries run to Nanaimo from Tsawwassen and HorseShoe Bay. Alternatively, there are flights directly into the Tofino Harbour that run from Vancouver Harbour. You can take the train from the Vancouver International Airport to Waterfront Station to get on a seaplane and save some time on the road.

If you are travelling on a weekend in the months of May to September, booking your ferries ahead of time is a very good idea. Don’t worry about missing out on the city of Vancouver, as you’ll stop here on the way back from Vancouver Island (and there are plenty of unique things to do in Vancouver!)

Alternatively, if you have less time to road trip Western Canada, save Tofino and the Pacific Rim National Park for your next Canadian trip. For a shorter route, start in Vancouver and head north East towards Revelstoke. For an alternate route, fly into Calgary and complete a loop heading West from Calgary to Banff.

Stop 1- Pacific Rim National Park (Tofino & Ucluelet)

A woman stands on a sandy beach (Cox Bay Beach) at sunset in Tofino). Pacific Rim National Park is a great addition to a Western Canada road trip
Sunset in Tofino

Pacific Rim National Park is nestled along the enchanting West Coast of British Columbia. This vast expanse covers nearly 500 square kilometres of breathtaking coastal landscapes, waterfalls, caves, sea life, and pristine rainforest wonders. This is one of my absolute favourite places to explore, trust me when I say it’s magical. The perfect addition to a Western Canada Roadtrip and guaranteed delight for any nature enthusiast.

No matter the time of year, the Pacific Rim area promises an unforgettable experience. Check out the best things to do in Tofino and Ucluelet to plan your time! Bonus if you get sunny weather while visiting, you can witness mesmerizing sunsets at the beaches of Tofino.

Best Things to do in Tofino:

RECOMMENDED TIME TO SPEND: Plan to spend 3 nights, including the night you travel from Vancouver to Tofino in the Pacific Rim area. Once you’ve experienced this area, you’ll probably want to come back again!

Whalewatching is an incredible thing to do in Tofino. Memories that will last a lifetime!
A Humpback Whale breeching (jumping) out of the Pacific Ocean
Best Places to Stay in Pacific Rim National Park

Black Rock Oceanfront Resort, Ucluelet Because of it’s beautiful location, surrounded by rainforest, guests love this resort! This hotel has a hot tub, swimming pool, and on site restaurant.

Duffin Cove Resort– Beautiful waterfront accommodations located right in the village of Tofino. 5kms from Chesterman Beach, all rooms have full kitchens.

Ocean Village Resort– Cottages right on the beach, indoor pool, pet friendly, full kitchens.

Once you get a taste of the west Coast; You might want to be even closer to nature. Of course, camping is a great option in the Pacific Rim area. Find information about camping in Tofino with this list of campgrounds in the Pacific Rim here.


Now that you’ve experienced the magic of the Pacific Rim , plan to head back to Vancouver (and the mainland).

Often confusing, here’s a tip from a local: Vancouver Island is not a part of Vancouver 😅. In order to get back to Vancouver, you’ll need to book a ferry (can be booked here) or a sea plane flight from Tofino to Vancouver.

My local tip: You’ll want to pack a rain jacket, no matter the time of year! Because of it’s coastal location, Vancouver is known to get large amounts of rainfall throughout the year.

Best things to do in Vancouver
Overlooking the Pacific Ocean from a sandy beach with a blooming cherry blossom tree in Vancouver BC
A cherry blossom tree growing on a sandy beach of Vancouver
  • Rent bikes and tour the seawall. Because Vancouver is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, the seawall is a must do in Vancouver. You need to know that the paved bike pathway is one way (running counter clockwise) around the seawall. For incredible views, stop at prospect point, and third beach.
  • Explore Granville Island. Once you arrive you will see that this can be a busy spot. Local -tip, grab takeout food from the market and head over to the park at the Splash park. This is a quieter spot and consequently will mean far less people and sneaky seagulls!
  • Because of its location nestled in the rainforest, there are many spots to access nature right in the city! Pacific Spirit Park, Queen Elizabeth Park, and Fraser River Park are 3 beautiful parks worth a visit.
  • If while in Vancouver, you have time and are okay with some driving in the wrong direction, head to Squamish. The views from the Sea to Sky Gondola are incredible, and there are hiking trails all around as well.
  • Choose your cuisine as well as your restaraunt and eat some mouth watering food.

RECOMMENDED TIME TO STAY : Plan to spend 2 nights in Vancouver to get a real taste of the city! A person could spend many days in the city and not run out of things to do! Check out my local guide for over 50 non-touristy things to do in Vancouver.

Best Places to Stay in Vancouver

Because there is significantly less rain in the summer months, these months are busy season in Vancouver. During this time, accommodations definitely jump in price. PNW Locals know that really are only two seasons in Vancouver, rainy and dry.

Downtown Vancouver Apartment/ AirBNB Located right in downtown Vancouver close to beaches, shopping, food, and attractions. Private Pool and Garden with full kitchen.

Blue Horizon Hotel -Located in the West end of Vancouver, many amenities, and comfortable accommodations.

Rosewood Hotel Georgia a luxury hotel located in the heart of downtown Vancouver. It features modern accommodations, top-notch dining and luxurious spa services.

Stop 3 -Revelstoke and Mount Revelstoke National Park

The drive from Vancouver to Revelstoke will take about 6 hours. Of course this depends on who you travel with, and how many stops you want to make along the way. If you are like me, and like to take in the sights along the drive, there is plenty to explore between Vancouver and Revelstoke. Maybe that’s another road trip though!

wildflowers in Mount Revelstoke Park on a Western Canada Roadtrip

Mount Revelstoke National Park: The Underrated Gem

Time to spotlight the often overlooked Mount Revelstoke National Park. Trust me, this National Park is highly underrated! With mountain landscapes as breathtaking as it’s neighbour Banff National Park, but with far fewer crowds, it’s a dream come true for many travellers.

Best things to do in Mount Revelstoke National Park:
  1. Hiking: There’s no better way to immerse yourself in the beauty of Mount Revelstoke National Park than by exploring its network of hiking trails. The park offers a range of trails suitable for all levels of fitness and experience.
  2. Scenic Driving Routes: Meadows in the Sky Parkway, a scenic drive that takes you up the mountain and offers stunning views of wildflower meadows and snow-capped peaks. From the summit, you can also access hiking trails that lead deeper into the park’s wilderness.
  3. Biking: If you like mountain biking, you will love Mount Revelstoke National Park. It has some fantastic trails to offer.
  4. Picnicking and Relaxing: Given this National Park’s scenery, it makes a great spot for a picnic. Find a peaceful spot to unwind and take in the fresh mountain air.
  5. Wildlife Viewing: Keep your eyes peeled for diverse wildlife, including black bears, elk, mountain goats, and a variety of bird species. Wildlife sightings are common in Mount Revelstoke National Park. Be sure to have your bear spray on hand!
  6. Snowshoeing and Skiing: Given the amount of snowfall in the area, Mount Revelstoke National transforms into a winter wonderland. The park offers opportunities for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing on its trails. Plus you are very close to Revelstoke Mountain Resort, which is known for LOTS of snow.
Things to do in the town of Revelstoke
A woman jumps into a lake in the town of Revelstoke.
  1. Ride the Mountain Coaster at Revelstoke Mountain Resort.
  2. Check out the annual summer concerts at Grizzly Plaza. There are 58 free concerts in Revelstoke scheduled in summer 2023
  3. Take a ski trip to Revelstoke Mountain Resort for some of the best powder in Canada!
  4. Revelstoke has many swimming holes and lakes! It also has a great aquatic centre in the winter. Go for a swim.
  5. Visit one of Revelstoke’s many pubs and restaurants, such as The Village Idiot Bar & Grill or The Rockford Wok Bar & Grill.
  6. In addition to the mountain trails, there are many places to walk around Revy. Take a stroll along the Columbia River where you can catch stunning views of Mt Begbie and other surrounding peaks.
  7. Spend a day exploring the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Glacier National Park (see above!), located just outside of town.
  8. Go rafting on the Illecillewaet or Eagle Rivers with one of Revelstoke’s many experienced river guides.
  9. Go to the Farmer’s Market on Saturdays.
  10. Visit the Railway Museum, it’s so interesting!

RECOMMENDED TIME TO STAY : Plan to stay 2 nights in Revelstoke. You can explore the downtown core of Revy for the remainder of the day you arrive from Vancouver, and spend a full day exploring Mount Revelstoke National Park as well as Revelstoke attractions on your second day. After your second night, grab a delicious breakfast and take a short 30 minute drive from Revelstoke to Glacier National Park .

Best Places to Stay in Revelstoke

Sutton Place Hotel at Revelstoke Mountain Resort with a beautiful outdoor pool and hot tub area, this resort is located at the base of the Revelstoke Mountain Resort. The hotel features ski in/ski out suites with private balconies. The property offers ski storage, ski rentals, and a ski pass vendor on-site. Full kitchens are available, and is open year round.

Stop 4 -Glacier National Park and Golden BC

I’m about to spill the beans on Glacier National Park in Canada. Yes, you read that right, there’s a Glacier National Park in Canada too, and it’s an absolute gem!

Don’t confuse this Glacier National Park with it’s American name twin. This Glacier National Park is located in interior BC, right smack in the middle of Revelstoke and Golden. Trust me, this park is like a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered.

Best Things to Do in Glacier National Park BC
Views of mountain peaks in Glacier National Park while on a Western Canada roadtrip
  1. Roger’s Pass Discovery Centre. Take a deep dive into the history and geology of the area. This pass played a pivotal role in connecting British Columbia to the rest of Canada when the Canadian Pacific Railway was completed. Although there is not much in the way of development now, this area is very significant to Canada’s history.
  2. Hiking in Glacier National Park is a breathtaking experience. There are paths and trails suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Check out the TrailCollectiv app for detailed trail information and maps for hiking across Canada. Two easy hikes include Loop Brook Viewpoint Trail and Meeting of the Waters.

Oh, and before I forget, a little reminder that bears call this park home, so keep your eyes peeled and be bear-aware. The park has limited cell phone service.

After spending the day exploring in Glacier National Park, Canada, plan to stay in the mountain town of Golden BC just 30 minutes up the Trans Canada Highway.

Best things to do in Golden British Columbia:

With it’s location nestled in the mountains, Golden is a beautiful town and has many incredible restaurants with food from many cultures. There are a lot of fun things to do in Golden, no matter your interests!

Boo, a 21 year old Grizzly Bear that now resides at Kicking Horse Grizzly refuge in Golden BC
Meet, Boo, the Grizzly Bear who was orphaned and now lives at the Kicking Horse Grizzly Refuge in Golden BC.
  • Visit the Golden Skybridge to cross Canada’s highest suspension bridge, a canyon swing, zipline, and a fantastic playground. The views are incredible even if you, like me, get really scared of heights!
  • See Boo the Grizzly Bear at Kicking Horse Grizzly Refuge. Boo was orphaned by a poacher as an infant and was brought to this sanctuary created especially for him.
  • Visit Northern Lights Wolf Centre
  • Ski, snowboard, or mountain bike at Kicking Horse Mountain
  • Go swimming, fishing, or trail running/hiking at Cabin Lake and the surrounding trails.
  • Go white water rafting on the Kicking Horse River
  • Dine at one of Golden’s delicious restaurants, some of my favourites include: Whitetooth Mountain Bistro (upscale, casual, delicious), Eleven22 (modern comfort food, great accomodations for dietary needs), Reposados (Tacos & Tequila, also vegan options), and Wandering Fern Cafe (a mobile coffee and pastry cafe)

RECOMMENDED TIME TO STAY : Plan to stay 1-2 nights in Golden, BC. You can explore the downtown core of Golden for the remainder of the day you arrive from Glacier National Park and the following morning. Plan to drive Golden to Radium after exploring the Golden townsite for the morning. Again, as with many Canadian destinations, if you have more time, there is enough to do for many days! A smaller road trip route in this area is the Golden Triangle, which runs through Golden and 3 Western Canadian National Parks.

Best Places to Stay in Golden

Camp Moose Trail Unique, beautiful glamping experience where everything has been built by hand.  Every log you see was either a tree that was taken down during clearing, or hauled in from a slash pile from up a nearby logging road.Each tent is heated via woodstove and there is a communal hot tub and sauna as part of the property.

Holiday Inn Express Golden Kicking Horse Part of the Holiday Inn Chain, offering a pool,hot tub, and complimentary breakfast.

STOP 5 -KOOTENAY NATIONAL PARK & RADIUM HOTSPRINGS -incredible additions to a Western Canada Road trip

Hold onto your snacks, folks, because Kootenay National Park is more than just breathtaking scenery—it’s a wildlife wonderland! Get ready to play a game of “spot the critters” as you venture through this diverse ecosystem. From elusive cougars and majestic bears to graceful moose and an array of rare bird species, there’s never a dull moment when it comes to encounters with our furry and feathered friends. And keep your eyes peeled for the iconic Big Horn Sheep, the park’s very own four-legged rock climbers. This is one of my favourite all season destinations, I love it in the winter, and equally as much in the warmer months.

Big Horn Sheep in a meadow in the mountains of Kootenay National Park, one of Western Canada's National Parks.
Big Horn Sheep in Kootenay National Park
Best Things to Do in Kootenay National Park BC
  1. Visit Radium Hot Springs for a relaxing soak.
  2. Check out Marble Canyon and it’s turquoise waters and mountain views.
  3. Take a hike right from the townsite of Radium through Sinclair Canyon
Best things to do in the town of Radium British Columbia
  1. Visit the many hot-springs of the area (Radium Hotsprings, Lussier Hotsprings, Fairmont Hotsprings)
  2. Check out the Columbia River Valley –paddle or float and be on the lookout for the many species of birds.
  3. Explore Hoodoos
  4. Rent e-bikes to explore
  5. Go golfing
  6. Visit in the winter and go wild ice skating, skiing, or tobaganning
  7. Eat and drink at the many delicious options. Local tip- Something I discovered on my last trip to Radium. Radium Brewing offers a unique option to grab food from any other restaurant and bring it to the brewery for a full experience!
Hot springs waterfalls at Fairmont Hot springs,

RECOMMENDED TIME TO STAY : In order to have time to explore, stay 2 nights in Radium, BC. After driving from Golden, use your arrival day to explore Kootenay National Park. There are many beautiful roadside stops, or head for an evening soak in Radium Hot Springs.Paddle , go kayaking or birdwatching in the Columbia River Valley, and explore the towns of Radium and Invermere your second day. Plan to drive from Radium to Waterton in the morning after your second nights stay.

Best Places to Stay in Radium BC
View of the Columbia River Valley in Kootenay National Park from the Radium Chalet
View from Radium Chalet overlooking mountains and the Columbia RIver Valley.

Radium Chalet The best views out over the Columbia Valley and those big mountain peaks! European style chalet with free breakfast and a delicious restaurant.


Now that you know about Glacier National Park in Canada, you might find it interesting to know that Canada does have a National Park that shares a border with Glacier National Park in the USA! Although it doesn’t have the same name, Waterton Lakes National Park borders Glacier National Park in Montana. This Western Canadian National Park offers a unique blend of mountain landscapes and prairie grasslands. Because development was stopped in the 1970’s, Waterton is a quiet National Park in the Canadian Rockies.

Best things to do in Waterton, Alberta
Hiking in Waterton National Park while on a Western Canada roadtrip
Hiking among wildflowers in Waterton National Park
  1. Waterton Lakes: Enjoy the serene beauty of Upper and Lower Waterton Lakes, which lie at the heart of the park. Take a boat tour to appreciate the picturesque scenery, or rent a kayak or paddleboard to explore the calm waters at your own pace.
  2. Take a Waterton Day tour, that includes tea at the Prince of Whales and a guided boat ride
  3. Red Rock Canyon: Marvel at the vibrant red rock formations that give Red Rock Canyon its name. Take a short walk along the canyon’s rim or venture down to the riverbed to witness the striking contrast between the colorful rocks and the clear waters. There are many hiking trails leading from Red Rock Canyon.
  4. Crypt Lake Trail: Challenge yourself with the renowned Crypt Lake Trail, a demanding but incredibly rewarding hike.
  5. Prince of Wales Hotel: Visit the iconic Prince of Wales Hotel, perched on a bluff overlooking Upper Waterton Lake. Admire the hotel’s unique architecture and enjoy a meal or afternoon tea with panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and lakes.
  6. Explore trails that start right from the townsite of Waterton. Cameron Falls is a popular, gorgeous view, that is accessible for all abilities and located right in town at the south end of Waterton.

RECOMMENDED TIME TO STAY : Plan to stay 2 nights in Waterton, AB. You can explore the trails and incredible beauty of the area during the days, and eat at the local restaurants, explore the boutiques and gear shops in the evenings. Most of the services and accomodations in Waterton close for the winter months (October to April).

Best Places to Stay in Waterton National Park

Prince of Whales Hotel A historical landmark in Waterton, with spectacular views over the lakes.

Kilmorey Lodge Located within Waterton National Park, family rooms, onsite restaurant


Welcome to Calgary! A dynamic city nestled in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies. Calgary is known for its warm hospitality, vibrant cultural scene, and a plethora of exciting activities to keep visitors entertained. Most folks will have heard of the iconic Calgary Stampede, a world-renowned rodeo and festival. There are also many things to do, like exploring the vibrant neighborhoods of Kensington and Inglewood, brimming with unique shops and delectable eateries, there’s never a dull moment in this energetic city.

A woman walking along trails along the Bow River in Calgary
Exploring the trails of Baker Park along the Bow River in Calgary
Best things to do in Calgary, Alberta
  1. Explore one of the many city parks including Fish Creek Park, Nosehill Park, Bowness Lagoon, and Baker Park.
  2. Explore the neighbourhoods of Kensington, Inglewood, Marda Loop, and 17th Avenue
  3. Ride bikes to explore the city (or fatbikes in the winter!)
  4. Visit a steak house or the city’s first Vegetarian Restaurant.
  5. Do a street art tour with craft beer tastings.
  6. Take in a concert, cultural event, or sporting event.
  7. Explore the new Calgary Public Library
  8. Float on the Elbow River
  9. Take a city tour for the day

RECOMMENDED TIME TO STAY : Plan to stay 1 night in Calgary, AB. The drive from Waterton will take about 3 hours, then take the rest of the day to take Calgary in! In the morning grab breakfast before heading from Calgary to Banff. Of course, as mentioned with other destinations, there is plenty to do and see in Calgary for a longer time!

Best Places to Stay in Calgary

2 Bedroom Apartment in downtown Calgary Affordable, modern full apartment with stunning views of the Bow River.

Alt Hotel in East Village A hotel in East Village located close to restaurants, pubs, the zoo and science centre, and exciting neighborhoods.


The Canadian crown jewel, Banff National Park. Nestled in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, this natural wonder has been captivating visitors since it became the first national park in Canada in 1885. Spanning over 6,500 square kilometers with pristine alpine forests, awe-inspiring peaks, and those famous turquoise waters, Banff is paradise! Sure, it may get crowded at times, but I have to say it is stunning and well worth a visit!

A woman is watching sunrise over Moraine Lake, a turquoise coloured lake in Banff National Park.
Must Do things to do in Banff, Alberta
  1. Scenic Boat Tour: Hop aboard a boat on Lake Minnewanka and prepare to be mesmerized by its crystal-clear waters and panoramic scenery. For a guided tour with historical insights, check out the Cave and Basin Historic Site.
  2. Hiking in the Canadian Rockies: Lace up your boots and venture into the majestic beauty of Banff National Park through its extensive network of hiking trails. From the popular Plain of Six Glaciers to the breathtaking Johnston Canyon, there’s a trail for every adventurer out there.
  3. Explore the Townsite of Banff: After a day of exploration, head to the townsite of Banff, where delightful restaurants, great shopping, lively nightlife, and beautiful accommodations await you.
  4. Ski and Snowboard: If you’re visiting during the snowy season, don’t miss the chance to hit the slopes in Banff National Park. With its iconic ski and snowboard resorts offering terrain for all skill levels, you’ll have a blast carving your way through over 7,000 acres of winter wonderland.
  5. Iconic Turquoise Lakes: Yes, they may get crowded, but a visit to the unbelievably blue lakes in Banff National Park, such as Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, and Peyto Lake, is an absolute must.

RECOMMENDED TIME TO STAY : Plan to stay 2 nights in Banff, AB. You can explore the downtown core of Golden for the remainder of the day you arrive from Glacier National Park and the following morning. Plan to drive Golden to Radium after exploring the Golden townsite for the morning.

Best Places to Stay in Banff National Park

Canalta Lodge Located 5 mins from the centre of Banff townsite, this hotel has beautiful amenities including outdoor hot tubs and firepits and a delcious onsite coffee shop.

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise is a Canadian Rockies icon, known for its breathtaking beauty and grandeur. This upscale hotel offers fine dining and is located right on the shores of the aqua Lake Louise.

STOP 9. YOHO NATIONAL PARK, BC (can’t miss stop on a Western Canada Road trip!)

Now that you have experienced Banff, on to Yoho National Park. In Cree, Yoho, means “awe” and Yoho National Park definitely lives up to its name with its stunning mountain peaks, glacial lakes, roaring waterfalls, and ancient fossils.

Overlooking Wapta Falls in Yoho National Park in Western Canada
Must Do things to do in Yoho National Park, BC
  1. Natural Bridge: Witness the power of nature at the Natural Bridge, a unique rock formation carved by the Kicking Horse River. Walk across the bridge and marvel at the turquoise waters flowing beneath you. It’s a great spot for photography and taking in the beauty of the surrounding scenery. This spot is accessible for all physical abilities including those who have physical disabilities or use a wheelchair.
  2. Takakkaw Falls: You won’t want to miss seeing one of Canada’s highest waterfalls. Takakkaw Falls is a magnificent sight, with water cascading 384 meters (1,260 feet) down into the Yoho Valley. There is an option to take a short hike to get closer to the falls and feel the mist on your face.
  3. Emerald Lake: You might now know that yes the water is really that colour! Emerald Lake is a vivid turquoise colour and oh so beautiful! This iconic lake offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and is a popular spot for canoeing, hiking, and simply soaking up nature.
  4. Burgess Shale Fossils: Because of its exceptionally preserved fossils, this spot has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site . Join a guided hike to the Burgess Shale to see some of the oldest and most unique fossils in the world.
  5. Wapta Falls
  6. Explore the historic town of Field, BC

RECOMMENDED TIME TO STAY : Plan to stay 2 nights in Yoho National Park (or just up the road in either direction at Golden or Lake Louise). As a bonus, you might get a little more time to explore Golden. It’s much more than you think when just passing through on the trans Canada highway!

Best Places to Stay Close to Yoho National Park

Emerald Lake Lodge -A beautiful mountain lodge with beautiful rooms overlooking the stunning Emerald Lake.

Golden Acres Mountain Lodge Featuring a garden and stunning mountain views. A beautiful sustainable mountain lodge in Golden BC.


After taking in all the sites of Western Canada, either fly out Vancouver to your home destination or take a day or two more to take in what the city of Vancouver has to offer!


This Western Canada road trip will take you through 7 national parks and Canada’s most beautiful cities and mountain towns. Along the way there are opportunities for many outdoor activiites, eating delicious food, beautiful accomodations, and no shortage of big mountain peaks and stunning turquoise lakes! Each stop offers a unique experience, so be sure to plan your visits accordingly and make the most of your time exploring!

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