Looking up through pink cherry blossoms in Vancouver. The sky is blue, and the flowers look like balls of petals

Vancouver Cherry Blossom Season The Ultimate Guide from a Local

Vancouver cherry blossom season is a great reason to plan a visit! Vancouver is a city renowned for its stunning natural scenery as well as the rain that comes with living in a rainforest. Every year, just when I am tired of rainy hikes, the flowers start blooming and I know that spring is officially on it’s way!

There are at least 43000 cherry blossom trees in Vancouver. These all bloom at different times from March through May. Because of this, cherry blossom season lasts a couple of months. There really is plenty of time and many local *hidden spots to find these beautiful pink puff balls around the city.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll show you my personal favourite Vancouver cherry blossom locations, including a few you won’t find anywhere else. Can you believe there are actually close to 3000 documented locations across the city of Vancouver?!

Best spots to view Vancouver Cherry Blossoms March, April, and May.

If you don’t have much time, check out this summary of the top spots to find Vancouver cherry blossoms each month.

A grove of pink  Vancouver cherry blossoms set against a blue sky.

Top spots to take in Vancouver Cherry Blossom Season each month.

🌸 March: Cherry Blossom Park Point Grey Road at Blenheim Street

🌸 April: David Lam Park along the seawall downtown.

🌸 May: Cherry Blossom Tree at Jericho Beach

Map of My Favourite Vancouver Cherry Blossom Locations

Map denoting my favourite Vancouver cherry blossom locations.

History and Significance of Vancouver’s Cherry Blossoms

The history of cherry blossoms in Vancouver is tied to a gesture of goodwill dating back to the 1930s, when the mayors of Kobe and Yokohama, Japan, gifted the city with hundreds of cherry trees to honour Japanese Canadians who served in WWI. These trees are tokens of peace and friendship that have flourished over the years, becoming an iconic aspect of Vancouver’s spring landscape.

Also, cherry blossoms are often associated with the transient nature of life and are a symbol of renewal and the fragility of life. They hold a special place in the hearts of Vancouver locals and visitors as they serve as a reminder to appreciate fleeting moments.

The Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival

Firstly, we can’t chat about cherry blossoms in Vancouver without mentioning the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival. In 2024 the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival will occur March 29th to April 25. This event celebrates joining communities through the arts and cultural events, and is a city-wide festival.

Each spring, the festival brings thousands of spectators to witness the stunning blooms, and experience all that the city has to offer. The Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival(VCBF) is definitely a unique thing to do in Vancouver in the spring!

In addition to blossoms, VCBF organizes various activities, including concerts, haiku workshops, tree talks, and bike rides, and of course the big event, The Big Picnic in David Lam Park.

Biking through Vancouver cherry blossoms in David Lam Park.  The trees surround the paved pathway along False Creek in Vancouver.
Biking through cherry blossoms at David Lam Park in Vancouver

Vancouver Cherry Blossom puts out a very detailed interactive map of the almost 3000 (so far) logged cherry blossom locations, it’s so fun to choose some spots and go on a Vancouver cherry blossom tour!

Discovering Vancouver’s Cherry Blossom Hotspots

The true essence of Vancouver’s cherry blossoms is often found in unassuming corners of residential neighbourhoods. Some of the spots can be quite busy, however, the lesser-known local spots offer a quiet cherry blossom viewing experience. Because there are so many trees, a lot of the fun can be in the planning and scavenger hunting through the streets to find the most beautiful Vancouver cherry blossoms. You can even find cherry blossoms while biking Vancouver’s famous park, Stanley Park.

Favourite Vancouver Cherry Blossom Locations on the West side of Vancouver

A Vancouver cherry blossom tree grows in the sand at Jericho Beach.  You can see the ocean in the background at sunset.
Cherry Blossom Tree at Jericho Beach. The tree grows in the sand! My favourite Vancouver cherry blossom tree!
  • Firstly, Camosun Street from 16th avenue to Camosun Bog: March – April. Must visit block.
  • A small park on the corner of West 10th avenue and Heather Street a hidden sanctuary in the city.
  • Another small park, Triangle Park West 1st avenue and Point Grey road at MacDonald There is a large stump from an old tree that has been carved into a large seating area.
  • Another beautiful spot, and local spot is “cherry blossom tree” at Jericho Beach.
  • Regent College at University of British Columbia 60+ cherry blossom trees blooming mid April – beginning of May
  • Point Grey road & 1st avenue we like to call Cherry Blossom park. These trees bloom through March.
  • Highbury Street from 1st avenue to 4th avenue Vancouver cherry blossoms growing on Avium Pleny trees.
  • 16th avenue west from Crown to Dunbar street Tai haku trees bloom mid April to the beginning of May.
  • West 11th avenue from Wallace to HIghbury Avium Plena form an arch May 1-15.
  • 12th and Discovery Street for Vancouver cherry blossoms from the beginning to middle of May.
  • 7th avenue West from Trimble to Sasamat Ukon trees blooming from mid April to May.
  • Pathway at Kits beach by Kits Outdoor Pool blooms in April. One of my favourites!
  • Pine Street and 3rd Avenue West
  • Balaclava and 7th street west
  • In Douglas Park, at Willow and West 20th Avenue
  • Vine Street between 20th avenue and 22nd avenue on the west side of Vancouver
  • Yew and 22nd avenue west also has views of the mountains and ocean
  • Creekside Park close to Granville Island
  • Lower Mall at UBC
  • Nitobe Memorial Garden at UBC
  • Vanier Park behind the Museum of Vancouver
  • Finally, , all along cambie street

East Vancouver Cherry Blossom Spots

  • At 5th and Victoria in East Vancouver in McSpadden Park Whitcomb cherry blossoms bloom from mid March to April
  • Queen Elizabeth Park another beautiful park in UBC
  • City Hall
  • You will also find East Vancouver has many hidden cherry blossom trees throughout its residential neighborhoods! Just go for a walk or drive.

Yaletown, Downtown, & West End Vancouver cherry blossoms (North of Granville and Burrard Bridges)

A close up of cherry blossom flowers in Vancouver.  They are pink and fluffy.
Close up of Vancouver cherry blossoms.
  • Firstly for dowtown Vancouver, Chilco Mini Park: Nestled between Comox and Nelson streets, an urban oasis of cherry blossoms that bloom from mid-March to April.
  • Dumfries Street: From the 32nd to 33rd blocks, the Accolade Cherry Blossoms create a stunning sight from March to April.
  • At Union Street from Campbell to Raymur there are Kanzan Cherry blossoms lining the street from end of April to mid May
  • Beatty Walk at Nelson in downtown Vancouver there is a canopy of Kanzen cherry blossoms from the end of April until mid May
  • Crab Park in downtown Vancouver, in gastown cherry blossoms bloom from mid April to the end of April
  • Georgia and Denman Street downtown Vancouver
  • Coal Harbour Sea wall has Akebono trees blooming in March
  • Marinaside Crescent downtown Vancouver /Yaletown
  • David Lam Park in Yaletown along the seawall.
  • Edge of the Lost Lagoon in Stanley Park
  • Waterfront Station at Granville Square Plaza
  • Finally, don’t miss the original Vancouver Cherry blossom site at the Japanese Memorial in Stanley Park

What time of Year to find Vancouver Cherry Blossoms

The quest for cherry blossoms in Vancouver is not just about where to find them, but when. Each location has its own bloom time, making it even more fun to time your visit right. Also, because there are a couple months where Vancouver cherry blossoms are in bloom, even though they are fleeting, you can find blooms throughout the months of March, April and May.

Insider Tips for the Best Cherry Blossom Photography

A small park in Vancouver full of blooming pink cherry blossom trees.
A small park full of Vancouver cherry blossom trees!

Because of the beauty of the cherry blossoms, you’ll probably want to take some pictures! Here are a few insider tips for photographers:

  • Early Mornings and Late Evenings: The soft, warm light during these times accentuates the delicate blossoms, making for a beautiful photograph.
  • Popular locations will also be less busy earlier or later during the day.
  • Find Unique Perspectives: Instead of capturing the blossoms from afar, look for opportunities to create captivating compositions by using interesting foregrounds and backgrounds.
  • Use a Polarizer: Another helpful tip, a polarizing filter can help you reduce reflections and enhance the colors of the blooms, creating a striking image.
  • Human Element in Photography: Also including people in your photos gives a sense of scale and human connection.
  • Many of Vancouver’s residential streets are lined with trees, that form an arch. Look for the streets that are on a hill, so you can include the mountains or ocean in the background.

Cherry Blossom Etiquette

While experiencing the blossoms’ beauty, it’s important to be mindful of cherry blossom etiquette:

  • Be Respectful of Others: Be aware of personal space and the peace and quiet of the surroundings for all visitors.
  • Many of these trees are in residential neighborhoods, on private property. You will want to be respectful of property and listen to residents.
  • Dispose of Litter Properly: Another thing to keep in mind, please akeep areas clean by using provided trash receptacles or taking your waste with you.
  • Finally, some of these locations are busy, and some are neighbourhood gems. Everyone will want a chance to take photos and take in the blossoms. Fortunately, there are a lot in Vancouver, and plenty of space for everyone!

Wrapping Up Vancouver Cherry Blossom Season

Vancouver cherry blossom blooms at night.
Vancouver cherry blossoms at night

In conclusion, the cherry blossoms of Vancouver are not just beautiful; they are an invitation to partake in a larger narrative of community, culture, and connectivity with nature.

While you plan your Vancouver cherry blossom visit, remember to check back for the most current information. I hope you will have the opportunity to witness one of nature’s most spectacular seasons in the city of Vancouver. It truly is my favourite time of year, here on the South Coast of British Columbia.

Happy blossom season!

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